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Eating out is always a challenge for me because I cook every day at home. Eating out means to experience something different, something I’m not accustomed to eat - new smells, tastings, textures. I am often disappointed when the dish I ordered is cold, to salty, contains frozen vegetables…the list could be endless. I know that this is a problem- and I am working on lowering my expectations. But you know what? I don’t even know if I want to because there ARE restaurants, which serve fresh and delicious food! 

Talking about innovation in food, Denmark and of course Copenhagen, are important places to keep in mind. I asked myself why this small country is so strong in creativity and innovation. I remember people saying you should bring your own food when traveling to Denmark because of lacking variety. It’s the negative reputation which changed the culinary scene I think. You could compare this to you as a human: imagine you have the bad habit, always to be late so you will find it hard to change your reputation on this. But it’s always a question of will, you always can! It’s the same with the Danish. They are working hard on changing their restaurant culture and the effort is flourishing! I really admire what is emerging over there! An interesting trend is raw food: ”Raw foodism is a diet consisting of uncooked , unprocessed, and often organic foods or wild foods”. I think, it is an diet which can deliver plenty of health advantage concerning nutriments. But like every other diet: you should find out, if it’s good for you and integrate it as one part of a whole in your alimentation.

But if you want to test before, if you like it, have a look at 42° Raw in Copenhagen or London. I tasted several juices and bought their dehydrated flatbread which tasted amazing paired with guacamole and smoked salmon. I told you before, that Grød in Copenhagen don’t respect the seasons - unfortunately it is the same here.

Pilestræde 32  1112 Copenhagen, Denmark


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