Copenhagen N°1: GRØD

I heard so many good things about Copenhagen: nice people, creative and innovative city, good food… It’s a shame I never went before when I was living in Hamburg. Now that I am in Brussels and discovering the food culture around the world, I was so excited to spend a few days in the city with one of the best restaurants worldwide - the Noma. 

It was snowing the first day, so we were happy to have some warm and comforting breakfast to start the day. Just a few minutes away from our apartment we found Grød, a restaurant that serves many different variations of porridge - with oats, rice, sweet and salty. We were happy to get a table when we arrived on saturday morning, because it’s quite a small place but popular. You choose your porridge, sit down at a large wooden table and feel relaxed, comfortable and happy. And for recreating your porridge at home you can choose from a variety of grains, dried fruits and nuts. 

I had a salty porridge with barley and root vegetables because they didn’t have oat free sweet porridge (and I’m allergic to oat). It tasted very good! The only thing I missed, was the respect for the seasons and dairy free alternatives.

Jægersborggade 50 tv, Kopenhagen


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