The unexpected is what makes happy: Vegetarian Caponata Lasagna

Last week I handed in my first food design project at university and was quite happy about the outcome. The problem is that design -saying art- is very subjective so is my professor. I tried not to imagine any possible evaluation - because I don’t like to be disappointed. The best decision between optimistic and pessimistic is being realistic, I forced myself to incorporate this principle and I can tell you, that it is really enriching my path through good and bad times.

When winter comes, it is easier to find excuses to keep me from doing sports - this week I started to fight against this type of dullness, no excuses anymore, no more saying: “it’s to cold, to windy, to wet, to tired…” I woke up this morning with an urgent necessity to agitate my body, to exercise my muscles, to nourish body and soul. What a happy coincidence - no effort needed then. See, you just need to want things and they will happen automatically, it’s the subconscious I think.

I put on my shoes, dressed in several layers and noshed a homemade cracker - for energy. I went out to explore a beautiful forest in the neighborhood, took a nice turn around trees. A happy feeling aroused when the sun came out, fog rised up from the humid ground and suddenly I noticed birds tweeting their melodies - a seldom discovery in frosty winter time. Back home I transformed the bathroom into a hammam, turned on music and sang and danced to my own melody of joy - joy of have been surprised, of having met the unexpected. Sun in Winter.

In my sunny mood I created a little Sicily in my kitchen:

Recipe follows!


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